On this day I will be remembering the brave men and women that have served our great nation past, present and future. The men and women who have sacrificed all, the ones who are serving right now right this moment as you embrace your loved ones, and the ones that are signing their names and answering a call that very few answer. We may have our problems in this country but we have many luxuries that others can only dream of. Don’t take it for granted while a soldier is bravely putting his or her life on the line so that you can go about you day-to-day life with your family, while they miss out on Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays  and many more with their own families. On this day thank a service man or woman. Thank a veteran. Thank those who have lost their lives so that we all can continue having our freedoms. We all know that freedom is certainly not free.

I want to thank my family members that have answered that call to serve this great nation. You guys are the true heroes, even if you don’t think you are. You are to me. ❤

Show your support, and visit Greenlight A Vet.


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